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Discussing all things employee experience, design thinking, human resources and future of work.

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If you’re fascinated by the future of work and understand the importance of how people experience an organisation as they move through the employee journey. This podcast is for you.

Once a month, we’ll be sharing interviews with practitioners from a diverse range of industries. We’ll be tackling a wide range of subjects all with a common thread centred on the future of work, crafting experiences and the role of design thinking.

Our mission is to stimulate ideas, educate and inspire you to create a movement of your own. Whether that’s driving change internally within your organisations and team, or your own personal development.

Latest episodes

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hris Raw

February 2019

In this episode you’ll meet Chris, Candidate Experience & Innovation Manager at Zalando in Berlin 🇩🇪

We learn more about his unique role and focus. The importance of implementing a set of core hiring values. Why it's crucial to measure the candidate experience and how to use insights when creating innovative solutions.

In this episode, you’ll meet the author of the ‘Human Workplace Manifesto’. After meeting at a co-working spot in Stockholm 🇸🇪

I was hugely impressed by Sharon’s passion and willingness to do something about improving the workplace and empowering people to make positive changes. We discussed what drove her to create the manifesto and her natural flare for the Swedish language. 😬


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